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Two lives in a bond stronger than family


A young girl runs away, searching for her father. A woman who has never ventured beyond the confines of home and work finds her world shattering. Her mother dies, the company falls on hard times, and she faces losing her home. Water is Wider  tells the story of the intersection of these two lives and how strangers’ bonds can be stronger than bloodlines. Blood may be thicker than water, but water can be wider.

10 years after a college campus assault...


After enduring a brutal sexual assault as a college student—and watching her attacker brought to trial only to be set free—Quinn Carlisle has managed to put her life back together. A decade later she’s stunned to learn of a murder with chillingly similar markings. In Balm in Gilead, Quinn must make hard choices: Plow back into the world of law enforcement and possibly stop the assailant, but also face her demons.

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