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WATER IS WIDER sample book club questions


  • What main point do you think the author was trying to make with WATER?

  • Which character in WATER, including the supporting cast, did you feel the most empathy toward?

  • Was there any character you changed your mind about by the end of the book?

  • Did any of the characters change or develop? Any character you loved to hate?

  • Phoebe acts impulsively and Sidney is stuck in her ways. How do you think they complement each other and perhaps help each other to adjust?

  • Do you think focusing on Phoebe’s quest help distract Sidney from her own problems, or did it just lead her to make an ethically wrong choice?

  • What did you think about Adele’s reactions to Phoebe’s disappearance?

  • Of the situation at Poppy Press, was there a way to avoid the sequence of events that occurred?

  • What emotional response did the story evoke?


BALM IN GILEAD sample book club questions


  • In BALM, the original assault on Quinn Carlisle takes place in the late 1980s, and the rest of the action is ten years later. Do you think Quinn’s experience with law enforcement would be different if it happened today in the #MeToo age?

  • Quinn also experienced a difficult time in court during Dennis Price’s trial. Do you think the judicial system—while perhaps not this extreme—essentially works for crime victims or does it seem stacked against them?

  • What was your reaction to the judge’s decision in the trial of Quinn’s assailant?

  • What did you think of Quinn’s reaction when she learned of the rape-murder and eerie similarities to her own case ten years earlier. Do you think many people who might find themselves in circumstances like Quinn would go to the authorities as she did?

  • What do you think of how Quinn’s boyfriend Joe Armstrong supported her? How do you think she might have coped if he wasn’t in the picture?

  • What do you think of the police investigator Michael Grimaldi? Do you believe he did all he could? Do you think he took Quinn seriously as he should have from the beginning?

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